Speciality paper

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Parchment Specialty Paper

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Obviously, Holmen Paper is not the only one producing paper. Yet we differ in many ways, not least through our ability to meet specific customer needs by constantly developing our paper products.


F&J SPECIALTY PRODUCTS, INC. is the leading North American manufacturer of traditional and microprocessor based air sampling instruments and high-tech air. New Indy Ivex Specialty Paper. Will be the supplier of choice for your specialty paper needs.

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We will be known as the high quality, high service, and innovative provider in the markets we serve. Multipurpose Paper. Its smooth finish and everyday weight make it the perfect choice for all of your printing projects.

Printworks Multipurpose Paper is available in five ream options to fit your specific usage needs: from sheets for quick-print projects to sheets for multi-user, in-home printers. Phone: Email: [email protected] E Fountain Blvd.

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Speciality paper
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