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Buy Livescribe 2 GB Pulse Smartpen: Digital Pens - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases You can also organize your digital notes simply by dragging and dropping pages in to custom notebooks, Livescribe dot paper uses regular paper printed with a unique pattern of tiny microdots.

This tiny pattern works a /5().

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Nagel Paper continues to engineer new and innovative solutions for unmet needs in a variety of industries. In addition to our ingenuity, our ability to modify paper packaging gives us a greater benefit that allows us to further execute your needs.

Apr 25,  · The Neo smartpen M1 has a built-in optical digitizer that is located above the ink tip. That means that you have to write so that this “camera” is pointing down toward the paper instead of.

Livescribe's Pulse Smartpen captures written notes and audio with aplomb. Essentially a writing implement with a small computer wrapped around it, the Pulse Smartpen uses a camera & custom paper with millions of microdots to capture every stroke and notation. Pick what’s just right for your style.

Leather journals. Pocket-sized notepads. College ruled notebooks. You’ve got options. Explore Clad in matte black plastic with a chrome tip and belt clip, its design is quietly classy. For anyone who makes notes, particularly while recording audio, it is an. Open your pen. From Paper to Digital, Two Worlds in One Pen.

Designed to Write! Neo smartpen N2 is designed to write like a conventional pen. Every detail focuses on delivering a seamless transition from your previous experience with a traditional pen.

Discover the ideas behind Neo smartpen N2&#

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