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Handprints of the Mind: Decoding Personality Traits and Handwritings

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the automated handwriting analysis tool is discussed. Keywords Graphology, Personality Traits, Handwriting, Feature Extraction, Margins, Baselines, T-bar.

1. INTRODUCTION Handwriting also termed as brain-writing is a useful measure in identifying the characteristic personality traits of an individual. The Holland Model correlates personality types to work environments by integrating the latest in handwriting analysis technology with computer science and psychometric research.

The Holland Model is a six-sided. through hand writing and Psychometric analysis. Handwriting reveals the true personality including emotional outlay, fears, honesty, defenses and many others. between the prospective employee and the job by seeking to identify prospective employees possessing personality traits.

Various handwriting analysis schools give conflicting instructions, often leaving students confused and perplexed. In addition, most popular handwriting analysis schools teach only how to determine upslant measurements, thereby ignoring important parts of .

Handwriting analysis personality traits pdf printer
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