Bust of commodus

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Commodus Bust

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Commodus – the Outrageous Emperor who Fought as a Gladiator

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MODERN FAKE Cohen 2: Modern fake of Marcus Aurelius, AE medallion, mm, g. AD Rome mint. M ANTONINVS AVG TR P XXVII, laureate, cuirassed bust of Marcus Aurelius right / COMMODVS CAES GERM ANTONINI AVG GERM FIL, bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust of Commodus as Caesar right. Category:Busts of Commodus.

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Commodus – the Outrageous Emperor who Fought as a Gladiator

Nero, 13 October 54 - 9 June 68 A.D. Roma was a female deity who personified the city of Rome and more broadly, the Roman state. The earliest certain cult to dea Roma was established at Smyrna in B.C., probably to mark the successful alliance against Antiochus III.

In 30/29 B.C., the Koinon of Asia and Bithynia requested permission to honor Augustus as a living god. AUTONOMOUS, SEMI-AUTONOMOUS AND CIVIC COINAGE: BMC Tarsos, Cilicia, BC. AR Hemiobol 9 mm, gr. Baaltars seated left on throne, holding grain-ear and bunch of grapes / Forepart of wolf right, front left paw raised, crescent above.

A bust of Commodus as a youth. AD. Wikimedia, CC BY-SA As the years went by, it is believed that Commodus was actually a disappointment to his father due to his lack of work ethic and disinterest in government life. Commodus: Commodus, Roman emperor from to (sole emperor after ). His brutal misrule precipitated civil strife that ended 84 years of stability and prosperity within the empire.

He was also known for imagining that he was the god Hercules, entering the arena to fight as a gladiator or to kill lions with bow and arrow.

Bust of commodus
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